Centrifuge Inventory Webinar Finally! An Inventory Management System that does it all! Centrifuge Inventory Management by KingWebmaster is a completely web-based tool built to help multi-channel sellers connect their Order Management system to dropshippers and suppliers all in real-time.

Centrifuge creates a hub of information that allows you to monitor complex logistical and reporting information from one centralized control panel, all from anywhere in the world. Remain constantly connected and easily monitor inventory levels with features such as; search and sort capabilities, a supplier SKU field, indefinite stock settings, wholesale costs and even reports to help you manage holding costs and stock level reports.
Stop calling your customers to tell them that items they ordered are out of stock because your dropshippers/vendors don't have them. Centrifuge can show your dropshippers' stock status directly in your store. Stock status is shown in real time, so there are no guessing games. If an item is out of stock, your customers can be automatically notified when the item becomes available.
All this and much more with Centrifuge. See all features.

Centrifuge Key Features

  • Flexibility to sort by name, code, or quantity in stock.
  • Handy search and sort function saves time.
  • Ability to add supplier SKUs to items.
  • Set indefinite stock settings for "always in stock" items.
  • Manage efficiently with holding cost and stock level reports.
  • Wholesale costs.

Real-Time Stock Status

Give shoppers the information they need to buy and reduce operating costs by reducing hours spend responding to customer service called and emails. Real-Time Stock Status

The Back-in-Stock Notification

Allow shoppers the opportunity to enter their email address so they can be notified when an out of stock product they want to order is available. This encourages a return visit to your store to place and order instead of going to another merchant to order the item. Back-In-Stock Notifications
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